Adobe Gaming SDK

The Adobe Gaming SDK provides the essential building blocks you need to create and monetize incredible ActionScript 3 games across devices, available in a single package from the Adobe Creative Cloud.

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Open source frameworks included


Power your 2D games with Starling, a pure ActionScript 3 open source library that mimics the conventional Flash Player display list architecture. In contrast to conventional display objects, however, all content is rendered directly by the GPU via Stage3D - providing greatly improved rendering performance.

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Say hello to Feathers - lightweight, skinnable, and extensible UI components for mobile and desktop. Feathers puts it all together in one package - along with blazing fast GPU powered graphics (courtesy of Starling) to create a smooth and responsive experience.

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Easily convert Flash vector animation to skeleton animation, edit it and export it to texture files for developers. Do this all in within a familiar Flash Professional based design panel.

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Create immersive 3D games with Away3D, the reference open source 3D graphics engine written in ActionScript 3. Away3D works beautifully with Starling and Feathers to integrate 2D UIs in your 3D games.

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iOS native extensions (ANEs) included

Game Center

Leaderboards and achievements. Integrate with the Apple iOS Game Center.

In-app purchase

Helps you increase your revenue and enable purchases directly within your game.


Reach a whole new audience and integrate with the iAd network.

Beta testing

Looking for solid, on-the-fly beta testing? Iterate faster with TestFlight integration.


Make your game social and integrate with various social networks such as Facebook.

Other tools included


The Adobe AIR SDK includes:

  • Framework for AIR APIs
  • Template for the AIR application install badge
  • Command-line AIR Debug Launcher (ADL)
  • Command-line AIR Developer Tool (ADT)

ATF tools

ATF is a custom file format used by Stage3D to utilize compressed textures. Compressed textures are essential to use very low memory on desktop and mobile devices. Almost all Stage3D developers will want to use ATF given the value it has in terms of memory optimization.

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Away Builder Workflow Tool

Away Builder, a companion application for the Away3D engine, is a visual workflow tool created for both designers and developers. It offers the importing and staging of 3D assets for use in Away3D, and exports individual models, materials, effects, lighting, geometry and animation for instant use in an Away3D project.

Game Controller Support

With the new GameInput APIs in ActionScript, you can now create games for both mobile and desktop applications that give players all the power and control they need for action packed game play. We’ve included controller libraries for both the OUYA controller and the XBOX 360 controller for desktop systems.

Documentation & samples

When you download the Gaming SDK, you'll get code and project samples to help you learn how to use the tools. The APIs for the iOS native extensions are documented.

Get the Gaming SDK with a free Creative Cloud membership.
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Adobe Gaming FAQs

See the Gaming SDK discussion forum for answers to frequently asked questions.

Minimum system requirements


  • Microsoft® Windows® 7 (32-bit or 64-bit edition)

Mac OS

  • Mac OS X v10.6