Introducing Adobe Game Developer Tools

Adobe game developer tools

You have great ideas for cool games. Now, we're providing you with the essential tools to rapidly build, optimize, and deliver your games to iOS, Android™, Windows®, and Mac OS.

To get started, all you need to do is download the Adobe Game Developer Tools through a free Creative Cloud membership. If you already have a Creative Cloud membership, the Game Developer Tools are included!

Here's what you'll get when you download the tools:

Adobe Scout

Adobe Scout is a new profiling and optimization tool for Flash Player on desktop and mobile to help you get the best performance possible. For a limited time, Adobe Scout is available as a free preview before commercial release!

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Adobe Gaming SDK

The Adobe Gaming SDK gives you a complete collection of frameworks, code samples, and learning resources that work together to help you accelerate your productivity.

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Get the Game Developer Tools with a free Creative Cloud membership.
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Additional game development tools

Flash Builder

Build amazing games and applications in ActionScript for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac OS X platforms using a single cross-platform development environment. Now with support for Adobe Scout. Get a trial with your free Creative Cloud membership or get the full product with your paid Creative Cloud membership.

Flash Professional

Adobe Flash Professional software is a powerful authoring environment for creating rich, engaging games and interactive content that reaches desktops, tablets, and smartphones with unparalleled consistency. Get a trial with your free Creative Cloud membership or get the full product with your paid Creative Cloud membership.

The Complete Membership lets you download and install the Game Developer Tools 
and any of the Creative Cloud tools you need.

  Free Complete
Adobe ScoutAdobe Scout Yes Yes
Adobe Gaming SDKAdobe Gaming SDK Yes Yes
Flash BuilderFlash Builder 30-Day Trial Yes
Flash ProfessionalFlash Professional 30-Day Trial Yes
PhotoshopPhotoshop 30-Day Trial Yes
IllustratorIllustrator 30-Day Trial Yes
Every Creative Cloud Tool & MoreEvery CC Tool & More 30-Day Trial Yes
Adobe Phonegap BuildPhonegap Build 1 Private App, Unlimited Public Apps 25 Private Apps, Unlimited Public Apps
File StorageFile Storage 2 GB 20 GB
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As a special promotion, we're including this first release of Scout in the free membership to Creative Cloud. After this promotion period, free subscribers will revert to a trial version of Scout which only exposes basic metrics.